Gear #1

So, what gear makes me go. A mini-series of sorts, I suppose. We will start with my running belt. It is my first belt I bought and the main belt I use for my half marathons. The reason I am also starting with this item is because of the importance of hydration, even during training runs. Even though we are getting into fall weather and cooler temps, preparation is till important. I start this with understanding that the belt is not currently available through Nathan Sports. It looks like the latest belts have more reflective areas, which is good for safety. For me, the two bottles the belt holds meets my needs. The bottles are 8 oz. each. The pouch in the back can hold my gels, while I use the front smaller pouch as my gel trash can. Inside the big pouch is a mesh lining that can Velcro shut. So, I can leave my car key in there and not worry about losing it on the route when I grab for my gel. I seem to have issues getting it to fit right when I first start out. It takes about a mile for the belt to stop shaking around or I re-tighten the belt. Which is easy to do, the Velcro holds very well for me. After the belt settles in, it stays there. The only thing, I think, is missing are straps or someway to attach a bib to the belt. Maybe this is intended/designed to be a training belt or something to take trail running. So, I have bought a smaller belt for shorter races. Like a 5k where I usually don’t need water or gels. And maybe it is time for a new belt that is more intended for half marathon races? To sum it all up, Nathan Sports makes a great product. It fits what I need the running belt to do. nathanbelt