Bull City Race Fest

First race in over a month. Felt good. Didn’t prepare my race gear the night before, like I usually do. Woke up a bit late so didn’t eat my whole bagel. But I grabbed my needed gear and got to the starting line with time to spare. A slower pace than I was hoping for, but I finished and got my medal. And it was my first run in the new city. Some of the route was familiar. Some of the route was new to me. Wasn’t trapped by packs of runners. Actually spacing was really good. Didn’t feel trapped. Need to start carrying my ID more often, missed another beer tent. And the food truck rally. Guess I will have to try this run again next year!



The begninning.

So, I’ve recently moved. And hurt myself shortly after. It’s been almost one month since my last run. I did register for Bull City Race Fest. It will my third run this week. I am bummed that I can’t run the half marathon. But I’m happy to be racing with others. So I have no real pressure to finish with a stellar time. But I should still finish. I’ll keep working on running in packs of people and use it more as another training run. Also, at the expo, I did get a new race idea and a discount for the first run of a challenge medal. So, a goal for this weekend, broadstroke a 2017 race calendar.