Training Challenges

Well, three days after the race. As great as I felt after that race, I couldn’t finish my 4 mile training today. Guess I have a longer recovery time to get back to half marathons that I first thought. Haven’t been challenged like this in awhile in my running adventures, which is good. It kinda of shows I had become complacent in my training before. No real time improvements. No longer runs added. Just… maintaining. So, now it shows that I have steps to take and what the training pain felt like and what I can take during training sessions again. Some of it could have been a lack of water. The route was in the sun more than I thought. It was warmer that I thought. And, I’m still learning how my body responds to humidity. So challenges all around. Which makes the long term goal feel farther away. But, I hope to be a better runner overall because of this process.20161019_142738