The begninning.

So, I’ve recently moved. And hurt myself shortly after. It’s been almost one month since my last run. I did register for Bull City Race Fest. It will my third run this week. I am bummed that I can’t run the half marathon. But I’m happy to be racing with others. So I have no real pressure to finish with a stellar time. But I should still finish. I’ll keep working on running in packs of people and use it more as another training run. Also, at the expo, I did get a new race idea and a discount for the first run of a challenge medal. So, a goal for this weekend, broadstroke a 2017 race calendar. 



So, a bit about me. The past five years I’ve lived in North Idaho, near Spokane. Every May, the Bloomsday run is scheduled. To help my health I committed a few months leading up to the event but then back-slid over the summer. Once I felt comfortable with the distance in Bloomsday, I questioned how hard would a half marathon be. Turns out, it is a challenge, but I can finish 13.1 miles. Now, I am working towards lowering my time. Also, to run some of the bigger events, like Boston Marathon, you need to qualify by completing in a set time. It’s referred to as BQ. For my age, it is listed at 3 hours 10 minutes. That’s fast! Faster than I currently run, so here is my journey to at least qualify for the Boston Marathon. Also, fun medals, meeting other runners, and traveling the USA will also happen on this journey.